State of Bahia, Brazil


The purpose of this high-level study was to assess existing conditions and make recommendations on improvements to achieve increased E-government, network, and IT capacities across several data centers in Salvador, Brazil. The data centers analyzed are owned and operated by the state of Bahia, and support various government agencies such as finance, security, and transportation. CSIE was tasked to perform site surveys on the three largest data centers and based on our findings, produce conceptual designs on each.

The conceptual designs addressed improvements to the physical space, mechanical, electrical and fire protection systems. These improvements took into account:

·        The existing state of the infrastructure

·        The mechanical and electrical capacities required to support projected IT hardware

·        The government’s desire that each data center have concurrent maintainability (Tier III)

·        The requirement that each data center would have the sufficient infrastructure in place to back up the other two data centers in the event of a disruption

CSIE was responsible for compiling the projected IT hardware based on interviews with data center stakeholders. These projections were translated to space requirements and mechanical and electrical loads, and CSIE’s architect and engineers developed conceptual floor plans, one-line diagrams, and riser diagrams accordingly. The narrative explaining these recommended improvements was accompanied by cost estimates for budgetary purposed.

Project Highlights:

Location: Bahia, Brazil
Size: 10,000 sf distributed over 3 locations

Key Project Elements

  • The project was funded by the United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA), and CSIE’s participation was as a team member for Decision Analysis, a Northern Virginia based consulting firm specializing in network and telecommunications design globally
  • CSIE provided Architectural and MEP Engineering services under the direction of Decision Analysis, a Northern Virginia consulting firm
  • In addition to Architectural and Engineering consulting, CSIE provided IT and computer hardware growth projections