Common Sense In Engineering

Maryland DOT Certified MBE/DBE

CSI Engineering is a Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP), Security and Communications design firm. In addition to engineering design, our firm offers two additional related specialties, staffing services, and consulting for complex Mission Critical Operations.

Delivering quality solutions on time and within budget

Engineering Design

From programming and planning to implementation and testing. CSIE offers services for each phase of your project.

Staffing Services

Providing all levels of program management, analysis, and on site technical support in the public and private sector.

Mission Critical Facilities

CSIE’s technology specialists can analyze and evaluate your IT systems and provide you with depth of service, growth evaluations and continuation plans for the future.


CSIE’s Integrated Commissioning Process is the most effective approach to ensuring quality design, construction and operation.


CSI Engineering, P.C. (CSIE) is a small minority-owned Engineering design firm headquartered in Laurel, Maryland for over 30 years.



Comprehensive spectrum of capabilities in Engineering Design, Staffing, and Consulting with an excellent track record and a long list of satisfied clients


More than thirty years of experience serving 24/7 mission-critical environments including data centers and enhanced laboratory services


Proven experience of renovation, upgrades and new construction projects over multi-site, multi-phase, and multi-year


Comprehensive verification, testing, and training systems to ensure reliability


Value Engineering is taken into consideration at every step of the way


Small Minority Owned Business, recognized by many local, regional and federal entities with Professional Engineers registered in numerous states


Organized as a Corporate Entity