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ICG/CSIE JV – Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

ICG/CSIE has decades of expert Managed IT Services, Engineering Design, and Technical Consulting Services for Mission Critical Operations, for commercial businesses and government agencies across Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. ICG/CSIE is 100% committed to our customers and we hold great emphasis on customer service and customer goals by bringing your vision and dreams to fruition.


Cyber security is becoming increasingly important for organizations of every size. A security breach can derail operations, send systems offline, and compromise hard won trust from your clientele. Working with knowledgeable cyber security consultants can reduce cyber security threats.


Often the level of IT support available to a business is overlooked until a crisis arises. With managed IT support, your team is never left dangling, deploying valuable resources to fix a complicated networking issue or a new software application.


In order to remain efficient and competitive in nearly every industry, organizations need customized IT solutions that directly address specific needs for optimized operations, rapid scalability, and reliable security. The most cost-effective way to achieve these goals is to outsource these tasks to an experienced professional.


Our technology specialists can provide IT systems growth modeling, systems evaluations, best of breed analysis, recommendations for system upgrades, vendor comparisons, detailed IT systems design, plans, configurations, and implementation management.

In summary our team of highly experienced specialists can evaluate your current information technology system, cyber security system, IT support, equipment, level of performance, and work with you to develop a gap analysis report and suggestions to assure your business resiliency.