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Mission Critical Facilities

Whenever there is an engineering design activity that supports an essential service, a hospital, 9-11 center, a communication central office, a high availability business need, trading functions, or data processing center the mission of these special facilities will need a more resilient mechanical and electrical infrastructure that have advanced requirements. CSIE has continued to provide design capacity for over 35-years within the Mission Critical innovation design space of technology support including development of static switch technology, continuous maintenance, control simplification, and sustainable operational techniques that prevent human error to provide whatever level of support required. We specialize in matching the engineering with the other aspects of technology languages to provide a wholistic integrated design, with network, processing, storage, security, and hardening capabilities also addressed when necessary. We have discovered an essential aspect of our design effort also identifies the human operations, training, procedures, and documentation also needed in these specialty centers to reduce human errors which contributes over 50% of unplanned down-time in outage analysis (Root cause forensic analysis). CSIE staff have maintained leadership in the industry for three decades to support the financial, retail, and mission critical service sector in engineering evaluation and design.

CSI Engineering’s mission critical technology specialists will evaluate your current information technology system, equipment, level of performance, and work with you to develop a plan to assure your business resiliency. CSIE technology specialists can provide IT systems growth modeling, systems evaluations, best of breed analysis, recommendations for system upgrades, vendor comparisons, detailed IT systems design, plans, configurations, and implementation management.

Services Include

  • Infrastructure Engineering for Technical Applications, the infrastructure will match the mission requirements for up-time, resiliency, reliability, and efficiency including Tier levels, EPA certification, and sustainability of operations and monitoring
  • Con-current maintenance, fault-tolerant designs – CSIE designed the world’s first Tier IV data center and continues to innovate advanced infrastructure capability critical applications
  • IT Hardware Planning and Growth Modeling for critical load size and phased expansion
  • LAN/WAN Network Topology for redundant services including TIE diversity and redundancy
  • Dark Fiber termination and support for independent connectivity within enterprise applications
  • Facility Hardening for physical security, ballistic and storm, natural event protection resistance
  • Physical security design and threat analysis of operations and monitoring
  • High reliability operations review: the study of man/machine interface cause of HRE outages
  • Densification of data center infrastructure, evaluation and engineering to improve DC density
  • Evaluation of resiliency levels, TIA-942 evaluation, Sustainability evaluations
  • Fit-for-Purpose technical evaluations of mission critical support, beyond certifications
  • Monitoring and DCIM applications
  • White space energy audits, EPA Green Data Center evaluations for certifications, saving potential, and utilization improvements of infrastructure and operational set-points
  • Forensic outage evaluations, third-party Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

We will be glad to talk to you about your mission critical applications and create a design that is efficient in support of your unique infrastructure requirements.