Welcome to CSI Engineering!

CSIE was founded three decades ago to provide engineering solutions primarily for mainframe computer center environments. CSIE is a multi-disciplinary full service design engineering and technology consulting firm headquartered in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. We specialize in end-to-end solutions for mission critical, 24/7 facilities. During the last three decades, CSIE has created a record of successful projects completed for more than 2,500 data centers / IT infrastructure facilities, Telco Centers and web hosting centers in the private and government sectors. Since 2012, CSIE has become a valued provider to WMATA on over 30 individual projects.

The key to our success has been CSIE’s commitment to customer satisfaction, a long-term relationship with teaming partners, ongoing training for our engineers, competitive pricing and controlling costs. We follow a strategy to stay in tune with innovative technologies emphasize on quality assurance and making no compromise with safety and security.

CSIE is honored to participate in National Defense through reserve duties and by providing complex fast-track critical engineering services. CSIE’s battle-tested and dedicated managers are engaged to create value for our customers everyday.

I have the privilege to introduce to you a company with a long history of Creating Success and Inspiring Excellence. We make the commitment to our customers that we will strive daily to offer the service unmatched by anyone.

Thank you,

Debdas Ghosal, P.E.
President & CEO