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Beltsville Academy & Maya Angelou Immersion Schools


CSI Engineering provided design services for the mechanical and electrical upgrades and equipment replacement at the Beltsville Academy and Maya Angelou French Immersion schools. The scope of work included replacement of the existing HVAC systems (natural gas steam boilers connected to a two-pipe system), and through-the-wall air conditioning units. The new system was comprised of floor mounted unit ventilators employing two-pipe hot water heating/chilled water coils. Electrical upgrades were required to support the increased mechanical infrastructure. All window mounted air conditioning units were removed completely, and window panes were replaced. The existing pneumatic controls system were replaced with a new centrally controlled direct digital control system (DDC).

Project Highlights:

Location: Beltsville, MD & Hillcrest Heights, MD
Size: 50,000 sq ft

Key Project Elements

  • CSIE provided engineering consulting services under the direction of Leuterio Thomas, LLC, the Architect of Record
  • Both schools were constructed in the mid-1960’s and neither had been significantly improved in the interim
  • The project was part of a larger renovation program that included window replacement and other upgrades