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Our full-time Staff Augmentation services focus on the DMV area’s local transportation/infrastructure providers. As an MBE/DBE firm, we are currently performing on two large Staff Augmentation contracts. Our primary staff augmentation contracts have multiple professionals staffed at the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA) and the Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA).

CSIE utilizes the latest recruitment, intake, search, and screening processes. CSIE carefully matches our professionals with your requirements. CSIE distinguishes those high-quality professionals from those with average skill sets to ensure our professionals exceed your expectations. CSIE staff will provide the highest level of integrity and professionalism to each opportunity, client, and project.

The CSIE recruitment process is a combination of using our current staff and seeking specific professionals through various professional employment resources. Using both in-house employees and outside professionals allows us to find a variety of talented professionals. We evaluate each individual’s skill sets to ensure our candidates meet or exceed all position requirements. In order to retain the best employees, CSIE encourages skill and technical growth while fostering a supportive environment.

Often the best way to evaluate a candidate’s skills is to present them with real-world scenarios that they would encounter in their position and see how they perform. After placement, we routinely interact with our staffing team to promote a supportive relationship.

Interested in learning more about CSIE’s Staffing Augmentation Services? Give us a call (301) 210-9090 or email

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