SSA Campus HVAC Upgrades


The Social Security Administration’s Metro West facility has a Building Automation System and numerous computer rooms that required 24/7/365 cover. CSIE services included: total building equipment operation including installation, repair and maintenance of all HVAC, electrical, plumbing equipment such as chillers, pumps, air handlers, cooling towers, and dehumidification equipment.

The major equipment servicing buildings under this contract included:
3,800 cfm Desicant Wheel Dehumidification System, 45,000 cfm Kathapac Dehumidification System, Four 500-tom Cooling Towers, Two 300-ton Cooling Towers, Two 250-ton Cooling Towers, Two 55-ton Chillers, One 300-ton Chiller, All Associated Air Handlers, Fans and Pumps, One 11,000 kW Generator, Sixteen 13.2kVa Transformers, Sixteen Switchgear Cubicles, and a Honeywell Delta 1000 Building Automation System.

Special Features
This project required an on-site staff that includes a Project Superintendent and was managed by an off-site Senior Project Manager.

Project Highlights:

Location: Various locations throughout the SSA Campus
Cost: $1.7 Million

Key Project Elements

  • Testing of all high voltage substations, motor control centers, transfer switches, transformers and panels; and the testing of all plumbing components from the hot water system to the restroom facilities.
  • Other services included chemical treatment, fire protection, electrical testing, pressure vessel testing, and kitchen duct exhaust cleaning.