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Plum Island Animal Disease Center


Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) is a research center focused on bovine disease and other exotic animal disorders. Its purpose is to integrate human and animal research and perform knowledge transfer regarding the two. Scientists use the facility to conduct basic and applied research and diagnostic activities to protect the health of livestock on US farms. The US Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of Agriculture jointly operate the facility. It features Biosafety Level (BSL) 2 and 3 facilities. It is the only facility in the US permitted to handle Foot and Mouth Disease live virus. The CSIE mission for this project was to provide safety and flexibility in design for a renovation and expansion of the Center’s capabilities.

CSIE provided electrical design for upgrade of the primary power infrastructure in the facility as well as design for fit-out of an expansion of the 190,000 square foot building. Construction of the electrical upgrade was carried out while the facility remains operational. It currently features a 30,000 Enhanced Laboratory Space at BSL-3 as well as a 30,000 square foot BSL-3 Animal Holding Space The entire expansion added 16,633 square feet of usable space and included a basement, main floor and HEPA rated air filtration. Additional large animal management facilities were included in the expansion.

Since science drives the design, the CSIE team provided leadership for the project, including throughput modeling and design, managing an integrated modeling process, communications expertise, security design, design/build services, new technology integration, cost modeling, value engineering and facility commissioning services.

Project Highlights:

Location: Various locations throughout the Plum Island Complex
Size: $1.7 MILLION

Key Project Elements

  • Energy Recovery
  • Variable Airflow Management
  • Energy Storage
  • Water Side Energy Recovery
  • Biosafety and Operational Protocol Development