Element Critical Data Center


CSIE provided an engineering evaluation of this data center co-location facility to correct an existing cooling deficiency and future cooling requirements.  CSIR recommended an improvement to the current refrigerated door solution, with an increased heat transfer and door capacity and additional redundancy. This technology would also be implemented in Element Criticals planned high density applications.

At the point of CSIE’s involvement the room was over heating and the refrigerant door solution was not able to neutralize the load. To compensate the client had added a 97-ton CRAC unit in the adjacent suite to capture the room over temperature conditions and keep the environment within control.  By implementing the recommendations, Element Critical was able to eliminate this CRAC unit and increase the leasable space within the room. With our successful modification CSIE provided a schematic design expansion to double the tenant’s IT capacity, rated at 30 KW per processing cabinet (over 500 KW) within their existing suite with liquid cooling supported for the application.

Project Highlights:

Location: Tyson’s Corner, VA
Size: 2,500 sf

Key Project Elements

  • The co-location facility had a total IT load of approximately 250kW
  • The proposed high-density application was to be 27kW per cabinet
  • CSIE worked with the manufacturer of a liquid cooled rear door system to meet the demands of the high-density requirement