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New Bladensburg Library is Ready to Serve the Community


CSIE provided Design Engineering Services for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing along with LEED Services for a new 22,834 sq ft Library in support of the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System. Design included coordination with utility companies for electrical, water, and gas services. Calculations covered power systems, lighting, and mechanical loads. Mechanical component selections covered plumbing fixture selections for domestic cold water, hot water, sanitary, and stormwater systems, domestic water interface, natural gas piping system and mechanical systems. Sustainable systems included Solar Panels on the Roof, Electric Car Charging Stations, and Energy-Efficient HVAC and Lighting Systems.

Project Highlights:

Location: Bladensburg, MD
Size: 22,834 sq ft

Key Project Elements

  • Complete Architectural and Engineering Construction Documents, Bid Support, and Construction Administration Services.
  • Completed several studies and analysis for various Technology Intensive Spaces.
  • Provided Reliability and Resilient Recommendations.
  • Photovoltaic Systems
  • Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations