CSIE Awarded WMATA Sewage Ejector Replacement Task – Phase A

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CSIE, a full-service M.E.P. design engineering and staffing company is happy to announce the award of a task order by WMATA to produce designs for the removal of existing sewage ejectors from select Metrorail stations and the holistic installation of new sewage ejector systems that meet the unique needs of each location. These systems include mechanical pumps, control panels, power, communications, hazmat, and structural aspects. This Task Order will require CSIE to complete 100% Designs and conduct Bid Support and Construction Support Services. Project locations will be evaluated to identify appropriately efficient and maintainable systems and technology for individual site conditions. WMATA has prioritized 10 existing station systems for replacement under Phase A based on the record of asset failures for maintenance needs and potential operational impacts. Michael McDonnell, PE, will serve as CSIE’s Project Manager for this task. This is CSIE’s second award under the ongoing WMATA FQ19172 GAEC SBE Contract.

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