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The re-opening of corporate workspace is a shared responsibility between the landlord, employer, and employees. It is essential to monitor, assess, and implement new functional, operational and risk mitigation strategies. This presentation outlines our multi-disciplinary approach to providing focused re-occupancy guidance, for the current COVID-19 outbreak conditions, and ensuring a safe and efficient return to the workplace. Our team of Medical, IT Infrastructure, Engineering, and Building Science experts focus on critical asset protection which to us means both human assets and infrastructure assets. This wholistic program is designed to ensure employee productivity through WFH IT Technology enhancements in conjunction with workplace modifications and risk mitigation interventions to lessen the transmission of COVID-19.

Two Services Offered

Educational Seminar – for a self-evaluation processes

  • You decide on which gaps, if any, and what solutions you would like to implement.

CSI Facility Surveyprofessional evaluation process with

  • a check-mark gap analysis report
  • gap-closure recommendations
  • you decide which recommendations to implement

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